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In 3DS MAX there are at least 2 ways of doing it

1. Using Collect. The Через Collect. the advantage of this method is that all the textures that you are using are put in one folder together with the scene file. The negative attribute of this method is that such files as HDRI, BIP, vrml and everything else that is not a texture are NOT put into the folder.

This method is good for the render-farm because it's convenient when all files are in one folder, since eventually we put all the files to one folder. in order to write network paths. This is not convenient for the client since he (you) has to manually add all other files.

2. Using the Save as/archive option. The advantage of this method is that all files are stored in the archive. The drawback is that the folder structure is also saved. If there are only few of them, it's OK. but if there are dozens of folders inside folders inside folders, it may take some time to move them all into one folder.

WHY do we have to put all files in one folder? The reason for this is that when you open a scene, 3DS Max sees all the files in the folder where the scene is and in the folders, located under the folder with the scene. But all this is correct in case of a LOCALLY opened scene. But when the scene is opened from a network drive - and this is the case of a rendering farm - the files are not seen. So, we have to specify network paths to the textures. Of course, it is much faster to specify a single path to all files of the scene.

1. How to perform Collect.

You have to create an arcive with the scene file and all resources. After selecting Resource collect, select a folder to whitch the files should be saved to. Don't forget to select INCLUDE MODEL and Compress files flags, press begin.

2. How to Save an archive.

Save as -> Archive


Please obey to the following simple rules that will help to avoid delays:

  • If you are using plug-ins, please add them if possible to the archive.
  • If you are using Maps, GI, yoa can add the files needed to the archive.
  • Use only latin names in files/folders.
  • Avoid repeating file names. Since all files will be put into a single folder this will result in conflicts. We don't know which of the files should be used.
  • Avoid xrefs. Xreffed max files have their own links to their own resources. So one would have to rewrite them too. If there's only a couple of xref scenes, it's not a big problem.But if there are 30 or so of them, it could become a real pain so it is better to write xref files into the scene.

If your project is less than 30 Mb, it can be sent through email. If it is larger, then it would be better to upload it to some file exchange service.

We send the rendered project to:

1 - a file exchange server or a torrent server.
2 - returning customers get the rendered files directly to their PC through Dropbox or Yandex disk services.
3 - your email, if the project is not big.

+7(985) 930-2601

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